The Chuck Norris Facts app has been updated

Hi everybody

I’ve just released an update for the Chuck Norris Facts app. As announced in my previous post, it now supports the Android 4 action bar. From now, orienting your screen in landscape mode will allow to navigate to the previous, to the next and to a random fact with a single hand.

You can find the application right here.

I know I won’t update the app for a while, since I have other projects in mind. Nevertheless, you can send feedback, I may implement some other features and correct buggs when I get some free time.

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Chuck Norris Facts app now available

This year I had an Android development course. During practices, we had to build a Chuck Norris app, taking random Chuck facts from a web API and displaying them. Here is what I have done!

All facts are displayed into a list. Clicking on an item allows to display the whole fact. Through the screen where we display a single fact, we can navigate to the next or previous fact, which are sorted out according to their ID. There also is a random fact button. Clicking it will request the web API for a new fact, that will be added to the list of facts.

The application is available for Android 4.x phones. I will update this app with more features. The next version will add the new Android 4 action bar support. I may try to make the app available for lower versions of Android, but nothing sure about this!

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